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  • V02 Max

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

  • Movement Screening

  • ​Baseline Concussion


Whether you are acutely injured or in need of some TLC, our Physiotherapists are here to help. We understand, that as part of the training process, you are rarely 100% and that’s where we come in. Following an assessment treatments include, manual therapy, soft tissue release, IMS and dry needling, acupuncture and cupping.


60 minutes of coaching from one of our certified specialists, designed to to make you a better athlete in the sporting setting you choose to apply yourself. We can help you work on technique, skill development or accountability during one of your programmed sessions.


Whether it’s post performance, rest day, or a de-load week during a training cycle, recovery science has come a long way. Designed to reduce the sensations of exercise induced muscle damage and help you return to your best quicker than before. These sessions include an active component including a warm up and movement flow, contrast baths and normatech boots to give you a balanced service. If there’s a specific body part bothering you we can include the game ready to target a specific joint.


ARC by Pivotal offers a recovery centre to teams of all levels from various sports. If you are looking for Team Services such as Program Design, S&C Coaching, Recovery Sessions or Performance Testing, please contact


Massage therapy is both a recovery tool and a reward for all your hard work! Soft tissue release, lymphatic drainage and joint mobilization will give you the perfect reset. 

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