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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

You should consider buying travel insurance if: You’re worried about something happening at your destination You’re afraid something might happen that would make you cancel or interrupt your trip You’re not sure what you’d do if you had a medical emergency while you were traveling You want to protect your belongings from loss, damage, or theft You want travel help ready and waiting in a travel emergency

How do I know which trip is right for me?

Find your travel WHY
What’s motivating you to take this trip? Are you seeking pure relaxation? Do you want to experience a new city like a local? Maybe you want to feel alive in nature or inspired by art? Perhaps reconnecting with family and making lasting memories is top of mind?
Personally, I like a combination of relaxation and local experiences and to use my travels as opportunities for personal growth and awareness.
Regardless of your motivation, once you know your why, it’s easier to pick the where…as well as the what, when and who of your trip

How do I find out about visa requirements?

VISA QUICK CHECK Not sure if you need a visa to visit a specific country?

Covid-19 info

Click this link to stay updated with travel info from the CDC.